Author Agreement with CFRB

Author Agreement

Author Agreement
To maximize efforts in CFRB tours it has become necessary to draw up a list of responsibilities which the author must agree to before we can permit the book to go on tour. Please read these carefully and respond to stating your acceptance or rejection of these terms.

Submitting Works:
All works should be submitted to the CFRB Preview Team for consideration. It is the authorís responsibility to "sell" the book to the PT. By that we mean they must put their best foot forward and convince the PT that this is something we even want to consider. All genres of fiction are accepted except for any form of erotica. Submissions and their pitch should be sent to the PT Coordinator, Laura Davis.

To be considered for tour a work shall:
be written from a Christian Worldview and point readers to Christ even if using an alternative context or presentation to do so be written so that the story holds the interest and attention of readers who enjoy its genre have minimal if any mechanical and technical issues with grammar and language usage in its published version aside from commonly accepted creative liberties that have little impact on readability

Since we tour one book a month, and have plans to increase this to two books a month. I don't see this going much more than that unless we get a huge surge in membership and can have different groups touring different books. the author must realize that we have a limited number of slots to fill. You may request a certain tour schedule, but we are not bound to accept that. We do try to work with authors to tour their works in as timely a manner as possible, but with a limited schedule this cannot be guaranteed. Also member authors' accepted submissions will be given first chance at the tour slots available, accepted submissions from non-member authors will then be used to fill the remaining tour slots. CFRB will not tour a book unless there is a scheduled release date for this book. The tour would be planned to occur after that date.

No less than 3 months prior to their tour they must once again advise CFRB members that their tour is coming up and solicit reviewers, interviewers, and others to assist in the tour. At this time they must also remind members of the submitted materials available or resubmit them. All requests for review copies will be handled by the CFRB request coordinator (currently Melissa Meeks). A list will be furnished to the author no less than 2months before the tour so books can be shipped and arrive no less than a month before the tour date.

Once an author has been approved and scheduled it is their responsibility to provide the following to CFRB immediately. At least one month before the tour all members requesting review copies through the CFRB request coordinator should receive their books and at least one copy of the work should also be made available for a contest prize during the tour:

Author Bio
Synopsis of the book
Cover art
Photo of author
Link to their website and/or blog
Links to where the book can be purchased
Video book trailer (if available)

If the author is a member of CFRB or becomes a member of CFRB they can go to the CFRB Yahoo site and upload all information except the copies of the work and the trailer file(links to a trailer file such as youtube or googelvideos that provide html code for posting elsewhere can be used) in the files section. Much of this info can be included in their pitch to the Preview Team if they wish, but it should be made available to the group once a tour is scheduled.

A week before the tour they must announce on THEIR site the upcoming CFRB tour of their book. During the tour week it is the authorís responsibility to check the CFRB member sites participating in the tour AND comment on these blogs. This does not have to be on the main site unless the main site is doing a weekís worth of reviews. If it is a Tag Team Tour they need only visit and comment on the other member sites. Please also include at least a link to the CFRB site on your site if not to participating member reviews and interviews. Links to specific reviews and interviews on your site will be something many prospective readers look for when searching for book information. When the tour is over we would appreciate hearing from you. While we may wish to get our back patted, we would prefer constructive feedback including suggestions of ways to continue improving our tours and current practices you found to be valuable during the tour of your work.

Our primary goal is to promote Jesus Christ and draw people to Him, above and beyond simply selling your book. It is, however, our belief that if your book has been selected to be toured that your work will accomplish this. Therefore we will be promoting you so that the name of Jesus is lifted up. Always keep this in mind. Put others first, their goals, their ambitions, their needs, and become a servant to them even as the Lord took on the form of a man to become our servant, although He is Lord over all.

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